Highly acclaimed band formed in 1977. Signed to Arista Records and released two singles. Recorded debut album for Arista but sadly the album was never released due to management/record company friction. Supported lots of 'punkish' 70's bands like The Damned and Johnny Moped with an unusual line-up of two synthesizer players, two percussionists and a bassist.

Toyah fans may have heard Blood Donor without realising it. If you have seen the Toyah ATV Documentary you will remember a party with a live band performing. The track is called 'Rice Harvest' and was one of the singles, the other being the equally excellent 'Rubber Revolution'.

Indeed Blood Donor used to rehearse at Toyah's warehouse, Mayhem whilst Toyah herself was forming her band and living there. This led to Keith's long association with Toyah.

Blood Donor line-up:

This is the line-up that recorded the album for Arista.

Gordon Coxon - drums
Simon Etchell - keyboards
Keith Hale - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Riki Legair - bass, vocals
Charlie Stevenson - percussion, vocals


It is worth mentioning that Riki Legair replaced original bassist John Bentley who left to join Squeeze for their upcoming chart attack. Later on he would re-emerge under the alias of Johnny B to work with Keith again on the Jasper Fish projects.


Tracks recorded for (as yet) unreleased album back in 1977.
Proposed running order :
Rice Harvest
Chemical Babies
Rubber Revolution
Your Eyes
Memory Gland
Love Is A Disease
Walking In Circles
Room Hates
Something Happened
Heaven Blessed

At this present time the album has never been released anyware in the world. This is a great shame as the material here was way ahead of its time back in 77, and deserves to be given a wider audience. Keith is a major influence on the final output of this album, as his unique style is here in abundance. As Keith himself remarked "Toyah herself probably knows every track off by heart".


The possibilty of this album being released is now being investigated.

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