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Damn! Things aren't progressing as fast as we were initially led to believe on the reunion shows. There has been no official statements on the progress or otherwise of this venture apart from Toyah mentioning that she is 'still in discussions' with her original writing partner Joel Bogen.

Now that we have all (I hope!) bought and read Toyah's autobiography 'Living Out Loud' we can now understand what mountains need to be climbed between Toyah and Joel before this can happen. After many years of working together they split when Toyah signed a solo deal with CBS in the hope of furthering her career. This didn't go down well with Joel and so began a LENGTHY silence between the two.

Behind The Lake hopes that Toyah & Joel can sort it out and give us the reunion shows at some point. Keep checking the official Toyah site with the latest news at: http://www.toyahwillcox.com



More details have emerged regarding the proposed reunion shows. The dates have been tentatively scheduled for Mar/Apr 2001. Other acts that may form part of the line up include Hazel O'Conner. It is understood that the tour will undertake major venues. Now that Toyah's book has been released you will know that Toyah parted company with Joel prior to signing with CBS, and that the parting wasn't exactly amicable. This has caused some (silent) friction for many years and bridges need to be rebuilt for the tour to actually happen with Joel on board though I understand efforts are being made. Keyboardist Keith Hale (Toyah refers to him as 'my guiding light' in the book) is still in the frame for the tour. There is also some talk of new material, possibly an EP (?) and even a live album.



Behind The Lake is ecstatic so to speak, as the rest of the line up being proposed is the classic 82 line up that recorded 'WARRIOR ROCK' and promoted 'The Changeling'. Unfortunately, bassist Phil Spalding is currently not well and will be unavailable as a result. Get well soon Phil. Very soon.

Mega-drummer Simon Phillips has also been mentioned (!) and Jasper Fish, sorry I meant Keith Hale will hopefully be doing the proposed tour if things go to plan.

There is some way to go yet but nice one Toyah.


Rumours of a reformation of the original Toyah band for a short tour have started to surface. Toyah Willcox and long standing (77-83) co-writer and original guitarist Joel Bogen are currently in discussions with a view to making this happen. It's early days yet and these things can fall through (and have before) but let's hope this time we shall see the two of them together on stage again recreating some of that old magic and possibly making some new.

It's been 18 years since this legendary band toured in the summer of '82, whilst promoting 'The Changeling'. What a way to see in the new millenium if it was to happen again.

And where did these rumours originate from?

The lady herself - to be found at the excellent new official Toyah Willcox web site run by Craig Astley.

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