Some band related chit-chat...


"Meeting Joel Bogen was one of the milestones in my music career I suppose" - Toyah Willcox

"I was excluded from that album. I think they felt I'd already caused enough mayhem in the studio" - Keith Hale referring to 'The Blue Meaning'

"By the time I go on I'm a total wreck. Then I see the audience and the adrenaline takes over and it's marvellous" - Toyah Willcox

"I'm terrible but I keep everyone on their toes" - Toyah Willcox

"Steve James and I were on a creative, experimental roll at this time and I think this helped to pull the album through" - Keith Hale on the recording of 'Sheep Farming In Barnet'

"As far as I was concerned they were like a bunch of old women, continually bickering" - Toyah Willcox referring to one of the earlier line ups

"It was purely off the cuff. I'm besotted by the idea of spontaneity in the studio" - Toyah Willcox on 'Victims Of The Riddle'



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