The site is dedicated to what was arguably one of the best live acts in the universe.

After 1983 Toyah did not have a regular band as such, so this web site focuses on the Toyah musicians 1977-1983, with particular emphasis on the legendary 1982 line-up. Sadly, 'WARRIOR ROCK' the double live album from this tour is no longer available but you can check out 'LIVE & MORE' available on Connoisseur Collection (CSAP CD 125) for some live recordings from this excellent tour. Unfortunately, one of the best tracks, a stirring, live version of 'The Packt' (from where this web site takes it's name and concept) is omitted from this CD.

Unlike previous tours this tour was not filmed for video release so live footage is very rare. If you know of the whereabouts of any available footage or photos please contact the webmaster. Any footage offered will not be made available to a third party if you so desire.

Likewise, if you have any information regarding the current projects or whereabouts of some of the musicians featured here please also get in contact. I'm grateful to Keith Hale for getting in touch and we were able to do a very interesting feature regarding Keith's current and previous projects.

NB: If the Blood Donor album ever becomes available (and we'll keep you informed) - BUY IT. It's fantastic and should appeal to fans of the early Toyah sound.

Behind The Lake hopes to bring you news, information and features on the various members of the Toyah band and what they have been up to since departing from these shores...